What We've Achieved

Knights & Daughters of Tabor works with many historic preservation organizations and individuals interested in preserving the rich history and heritage of the City of Mound Bayou. 


The City of Mound Bayou was awarded a grant from USDA for the restoration of the old Taborian Hospital for reuse as an urgent care center keeping in the tradition for which the building was constructed.

Pictured: Myrna Smith Thompson, Knights & Daughters of Tabor, Congressman Bennie Thompson, Mound Bayou Alderpersons Regina Spann, Lillie Clifton, James Henry, Shelton Woodley, Mayor Kennedy V. Johnson, Trina George, Ms. USDA Director and Margo Brooks, Contract Administrator


As part of its initiative to provide technical assistance to National Historic Landmarks, the National Park Service updated the Condition Assessment of the I.T. Montgomery House. This planning document was intended to provide Knights & Daughters of Tabor with current, precise information on the physical condition of this landmark property.

Mound Bayou Historic Foundation and AARP placed historic marker at Taborian Hospital



On Thursday, November 14, over 250 preservationists from around the state gathered in Jackson for the announcement of the 10 Most Endangered Historic Places in Mississippi for 2013-2014. Isaiah T. Montgomery House, Mound Bayou was among the historic places listed.


Knights & Daughters of Tabor worked with the Mound Bayou Historic Preservation Commission to develop a Youth Historic Preservation Club at JFK High School and a project to clean up the Mound Bayou Cemetery.  AmeriCorp workers volunteered with the Commission to clean up the Mound Bayou Cemetery.  Knights & Daughters of Tabor underwrote training for the volunteers and  Dr. Everett Fly, Landscape Architect provided historic preservation, cultural landscape interpretation and field documentation expertise for the project. Dr. Fly provided daily instruction via Skype and the volunteers cleaned the area of debris and located and documented more than 500 grave sites at the cemetery. 

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Mississippi Heritage (MHT) Trust works to save and renew places meaningful to Mississippians and their history.  Knights & Daughters works closely with MHT and were pleased to be included as a project with the MHT Toolkit funded by the Miss. Dept. of Archives and History (MDAH). The Toolkit  that includes education on incentives,  education on incentives, grants, options, and preservation ideas.

"This is exactly what we needed," said Myna Smith-Thompson, involved in preserving Mound Bayou's 1910 Isaiah T. Montgomery House, built by the town's founder and first mayor and a National Historic Landmark. Coupled with enthusiasm, such help and direction spurs motivation, "so that we're not running around like chickens with our heads cut off," she said. The goal is to revitalize the building to include a cyber cafe and computer lab, conference room and, on the top floor, a bed and breakfast.

- MHT Toolkit (The Clarion Ledger)


Preservation Summit, I.T. Montgomery Home in Mound Bayou

In partnership with Mississippi Heritage Trust, Knights & Daughters of Tabor hosted an I.T. Montgomery Home Preservation Summit. In order to gather community feedback about the future use of the house and formulate a strategy to move forward with funding the project, the Preservation Summit was held on April 23, 2016. Experts in historic preservation and community revitalization were recruited to present projects that could be used as case studies for the I.T. Montgomery House and Mound Bayou.