What We Do

The re-organized Knights & Daughters of Tabor work with numerous entities interested in the preservation of the rich history and heritage of the City of Mound Bayou.  We are committed to the restoration and re-use of the historic structures and increasing awareness  by telling the stories of the many African Americans who strived and accomplished a community which produced citizens and services  who contributed much to the United States of America.

P. M. Smith and administrative staff on his 81st birthday in 1957.

P. M. Smith and administrative staff on his 81st birthday in 1957.


Our Mission

The City of Mound Bayou has three structures listed on the National Historic Register. The Taborian Hospital, the I.T. Montgomery Home and the Charles Banks Building. Knights & Daughters of Tabor owns the Taborian Hospital and the I.T. Montgomery Home. Our mission is to restore and re-use these historic properties that tell the story and exemplify the importance of Mound Bayou. It is our hope that these structures can serve as the catalyst and serve to ignite renewed historic appreciation and community sustainability.

Our goal for the Knights and Daughters of Tabor is comprehensive community development. We are not committed to doing small things, it is much larger than that.
— Myrna Smith-Thomspon, Director of KDT