The Knights and Daughters of Tabor are committed to assisting in the rebuilding of Mound Bayou through building projects, events, and education. 

Current projects include the Taborian Hospital, Isaiah T. Montgomery House, and the Taborian Administration Building. 

Knights and Daughters of Tabor - Taborian Hospital - Mound Bayou, MS

Taborian Hospital - Mound bayou, ms

Construction began on the Taborian Hospital in 1940 by McKissak & McKissak, the first African-American owner architecture and engineering firm in the United States. Recognized as the first HMO, the hospital was built by the Twelve Knights and Daughters of Tabor for $100,000, and served as the primary healthcare provider for African-Americans in the Delta. With 2 or 3 doctors on staff at a time, all African-American, the hospital had an x-ray room, sterilizer, incubators, two major operating rooms, and electrocardiograph, a blood bank, and a laboratory. The Taborian Hospital has been restored and is seeking further funding for operating costs. 


Knights and Daughters of Tabor - Isaiah T. Montgomery House - Mound Bayou, MS

isaiah t. montgomery house - mound bayou, ms

Built in 1919 for Isaiah Tecumseh Montgomery, the only African-American delegate to the 1890 Mississippi Constitutional Convention, the house stands an important historical marker in the town of Mound Bayou. After Montgomery's death in 1924 the home was used for nursers, teachers, and a private residence.

A Save America's Treasures grant was secured through the National Trust for Historic Preservation and matched by the Mississippi State Legislature and the African American Heritage Preservation Grant Program for exterior renovations totaling more than $110,000. Planning is currently underway to determine the best course of action for the building.


Knights and Daughters of Tabor - Taborian Administration Building - Mound Bayou, MS

Taborian administration buildling -

mound bayou, ms

The Taborian Administration Building was constructed for $30,000 in 1953.