Knights and Daughters of Tabor

Who are the Knights & Daughters of Tabor?


Founded in 1872, by Moses Dickinson, the International Order of Twelve Knights and Daughters of Tabor began as an organization dedicated to helping the African-American community via healthcare policies, burial policies, and hospital services. Today the Knights and Daughters of Tabor are a 501c3 non-profit, working to bring the city of Mound Bayou back to a bustling community full of rich culture, interesting people, and a true sense of community. The organization is doing this through building projects located in Mound Bayou including the revitalization of the Taborian Hospital, the in-progress rehabilitation of the Isaiah T. Montgomery House, and the future planning of the Taborian Administration Building.

The Knights and Daughters of Tabor are committed to enlivening the city of Mound Bayou, and making it a haven for culture, history, and the African-American community.